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I started this little blog of mine back in 2012.

I wanted to share the ups and downs of wedding planning.

Second time bride.  40. Mid life.

It was going good until cancer, wedding date changes, and cancer again.

The wedding happened. Bittersweet.

Less than a month after the big day, my father passed away.

I had no desire to write.  None.

Then spring came.

Life was changing.

I was learning to understand the before and after.

I began to adjust to the after.  So did mom.

I’m so proud of her. And me.

Which leads me to the end of summer.

Dusting off my MacBook.

Then the great hack of 2015.  My website was infected.

So much so, I had to delete.  Everything.

As if somehow this was meant to be.

To start over.

New beginnings.

In the after.